Sports Massage

Duration          Price                     

30 minutes         £30             

60 minutes         £60             

90 minutes         £90             


Sports Therapy/Injury Rehabilitation

                      Duration          Price          

Initial              60 minutes         £60             

Follow-up       45 minutes         £45             


InterX Neurostimulation for Chronic Pain

                     Duration          Price          Therapist

Initial              90 minutes         £100          

Follow-up       60 minutes         £70             

InterX Rental    1 week             £25        

InterX Rental    1 month            £100    


Biomechanics and Orthotics

30 minute assesment  £30             TOG Gaitscan analysis and report

One pair of orthotics    £250           Sport or Dressflex orthotic

Two pairs of orthotics   £450           Sport and Dressflex orthotic

We do travel to clients on request both in the UK and abroad. For the UK, we charge the hourly rate(£50) for the travel time plus 20p per mile in fuel costs. Currently, we travel as far as Kent and East Sussex or approximately 100 miles from the clinic. 

Please contact Paul Magee directly in relation to any international visits for costs and expenses.