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Paul Magee
Sports Therapist

About Paul Magee

My name is Paul Magee and I own and run Profortis Sports Therapy and Pain Management. I've worked as a Sports Therapist for over 25yrs now and I've spent the last 20 years using Interactive Neurostimulation(InterX) to treat a broad variety of pain conditions along with the more traditional therapies of massage and exercise.  I've spent 9 yrs researching, teaching and developing the technology with Neuro Resource Group, the manufacturer of the InterX in the USA. The success of this electrical stimulation treatment offers a very quick improvement in symptoms and my time working with the military, professional sports teams and pain management centres in the US, Europe and Australia has given me invaluable experience which I use everyday to help my patients. 

I tend to use a balance of different approaches depending on your needs and your condition with the goal of getting you feeling better, more supple and pain free as soon as possible. This might mean just using massage techniques alone but it could also involve a more complex treatment protocol of ice or heat, InterX, massage, stretching and strenghtening exercises. I always discuss my treatment plans with you, the patient. Having suffered juvenile migraines as a teenager, I specialise in treating headaches and tension related pain with a combination of massage, heat, acupressure (pressing on acupuncture points) and stretching. 

Again, with a perspective from personal experience, I also assess the biomechanics of my patients if they are suffering unexplained injuries or pain in the lower limbs and low back. The computer generated report is then used to produce custom orthotics that patients wear in their shoes. This corrects the problem, a bit like fixing the foundations of a house, and then the therapy is much more effective at resolving the injury. My goal is to offer my patients a solution to their problem, not just a temporary fix. I don't go anywhere without my own orthotics.  

I look after a number of runners who compete in Ultra-distance races and have a keen interest in the supporting role of crew for these races. Having crewed at the European and World 24hr Running Championships, The Grand Union Canal Run (145miles), Spartathlon (153 miles) and various 100mile races I've learned a huge variety of skills needed to keep runners going over such immense distances. I'm currently on the management team for the GB 24 hour running team.


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